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Engineering Innovations (EI) is a group of private limited companies registered since June 2012 -

  1. Aaron Training Software Development Private Limited
  2. Aaron Traffic Management & Solutions Private Limited
  3. Engineering Innovations Research Lab Private Limited
  4. Welkin SmartCard Business Private Limited

EI was founded by few young engineering graduates and during this Journey of 6 years we have explored Parking, Traffic & Transport Management opportunities in Madhya Pradesh.

In 2014 EI started its research & development unit just to ensure the regular update of our products as per fluctuating Industry Requirements. These days EI is exploring Internet of Things (IoT) devices for real time tracking & monitoring of various equipments that are used in Parking, Traffic & Transport Management.

EI has worked with government bodies like Municipal Corporations, State Police departments, RTOs and Corporate Groups. We have completed successful Projects / pilot runs for them and concluded ways to increase revenue and cost cuttings for the same. EI basically optimizes their process with the help of Information & Technology and we feel that we have travelled a meaningful distance in this domain.

EI is committed towards their Investors to give them timely returns. EI works on ERP so that Investors can see growth of their company by single click. EI is very selective when it comes to choosing employees, Investors and clients.



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